Hotel International Kolhapur

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Welcome to our website
When you are planning to visit Kolhapur, naturally you will think about Hotel International. We will present you a tradition of hospitality & affection as a gift of Kolhapur. You will be delighted by this visit. For the last 40 years Hotel International has become a home for conventional treats. Satisfaction of our patrons amounts to a nice gift for us. Kolhapur has been seeking new avenues & pastures. Kolhapur has always been out to greet waves of visitors & patrons. Kolhapur, the city of traditions, culture & art. The city of developing industries. The city of widespread vision & expanding horizons. The city of rich history. The city surrounded by jungles & hills. And the city of the goddess of health, wealth, prosperity & peace 'Shri Mahalaxmi' (Ambabai).

About Us
Four decades ago, a vision of developing Kolhapur intended us to enter into the hospitality industry. Since then Hotel International started just beside the doorway of Kolhapur is welcoming tourists, businessmen & patrons. Our small step taken four decades ago has today been recognised by thousands of patrons. The services we offer to them desires them for the word of mouth; which is our only way of publicity. Our only intection is to satisfy each & every person visiting Hotel International. We are serving more with a unique facility of 24 hours coffee shop where maximum dishes from our menu are served round the clock. We are the only pure vegetarian restaurant to offer 24 hours service in and around Kolhapur.

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